Contact 罗伊的简介

Roy Petrie’s early work included satirical drawings which were admired and collected by public figures including a member of the Royal family. As his practice developed he established his studio on the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland.

In the late eighties he was invited to exhibit his work at the RSA (Royal Scottish Academy) in Edinburgh by the then SSWA (Society of Scottish Women Artists). In the nineties he was invited to exhibit his work with the SSA (Society of Scottish Artists) in Glasgow.

In 2011 he relocated his studio and practice in Glasgow’s Gallowgate area. Since 2012 he has been invited to exhibit his work in solo, two-person and group exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan in China.

During this period he has continued to produce work for solo themed-exhibitions in Scotland where he has works in two public collections. He has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow and beyond.

罗伊. 皮特里的早期美术作品包括讽刺漫画 深受社会名流喜爱, 纷纷予以私人收藏, 其中包括一位皇室成员。

随着艺术创作技巧越发成熟, 他将工作室建立 在苏格兰美丽的西海岸Isle of Arran (阿伦岛)。

80年代末期, 罗伊受邀于苏格兰女艺术家协会 在爱丁堡的苏格兰皇家美术馆 (RSA) 参展。

90年代, 罗伊受邀于苏格兰艺术家协会 (SSA) 展出美术作品。

2011年, 罗伊在格拉斯哥的Gallowgate艺术区的 工作室成立。

2012年起, 罗伊多次应邀在中国北京,上海 和武汉等地举办个人画展,双人展和联展。

期间, 罗伊致力艺术创作, 在苏格兰举办 个人主题展等,他的两幅美术作品被苏格兰 公立博物馆作为馆藏, 并多次被邀在爱丁堡 格拉斯哥和施特灵等城市参展。