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Roy Petrie is a Scottish painter and printmaker whose practice is based at his Glasgow studio.

In recent years he has created a series of themed exhibitions in both Scotland and China.

Framed in our rush to technological dependancy, these exhibitions have satirised and confronted the failures to develop and sustain both our inner and outer worlds.

His explorations of human mark making and universal form have looked at language and the space that it occupies in our perceptions across time.

In China his work has been described as having a vitality with emotions out of reasons and rules along with freedom.

罗伊.皮特里(Roy Petrie)



近期,他创作了系列主题美术作品 在苏格兰和中国展出。

在现代人类对信息科技狂热依赖的 时代环境下,他的作品寓意是令人惊奇, 维持并发展内部思想和外界环境。

对人类标志契形的创造和普及性的探索, 语言情感,形态规则和时态空间的感知。

在中国, 罗伊的美术作品被完美诠释为: 中西方文化的碰撞与交融呈现, 必定包含某些源于时代 却超越时代的文化价值!