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Roy Petrie is a Scottish artist who works from a studio in his native Glasgow.

His practice includes painting, printmaking and portraiture.

Recent works have recurring themes of Evolution, Time, Metamorphosis and the Universality of Form and Movement.

When he was invited to show his work in China in 2012 it was the beginning of an ongoing journey of discovery on that vast cultural landscape.

罗伊.皮特里(Roy Petrie)

一位来于格拉斯哥本土的苏格兰画家, 他的艺术作品包括油画, 版画创作和素描等; 近期创作主题涉及生命进化循环, 时间寓意, 抽象分形, 静与动的普遍性关联等。2012罗伊首次应邀来到中国参展, 以此开启了他对这片广袤文明之地的探寻。